Opening more than 5 Documents in QuoteWerks

Setting the number of QuoteWerks Document users can open at one time

If you would like to increase (or limit) the number of Documents that QuoteWerks users can have open at one time, then this can be done by editing the site.ini file [System] section MaxNumOpenDocs key.

By default, QuoteWerks users are allowed to have 5 documents open at one time. If they try to open a 6th, then they are prompted to close other Documents. If you would like users to be able to have more than the default 5 Documents open, or if you would like to limit the number to fewer than 5, then you can follow these steps:

  • Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the QuoteWerks file directory on your PC or server
  • Open the site.ini file in Notepad (or similar text editor)
  • Look for the MaxNumOpenDocs key underneath the [System] section (this may or may not exist, if it does not exist then create it)
  • Set the MaxNumOpenDocs=X where X is a numeric value between 1 and 10
  • Save and close the site.ini file
  • (Re)Start QuoteWerks for the change to take effect

On completion, the site.ini will look something like the following (note that the elipses are to represent other ini file keys, the elipses should not be placed in the actual ini file):


Note that if you increase the number of Documents that QuoteWerks users can open at one time and they start to run into memory resource issues, then we recommend that you reduce the MaxNumOpenDocs value. If QuoteWerks users are experiencing memory issues with the default 5 Document open, then using this procedure and setting MaxNumOpenDocs to a value less than 5 may help these issues.

Available from QuoteWerks v4.0 build 43.05 (released 10th Nov 2008)

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