Installing Software for the first time

Whether deploying to a stand-alone computer or in a multi-sited company with remote workers and multiple integrated systems, we can offer advice and assistance to achieve the optimum set up and performance from the software within your specific infrastructure environment.

Typically an internal or third party infrastructure support team is involved – we are very used to working with other departments or companies to ensure that the software is installed, databases and other associated files are saved to appropriate places and in keeping with your policies. We will also advise your internal or third party infrastructure support team of the software installed, changes made to any settings and where key information is stored to ensure that this is included in the backup routines.

Updating an Existing Installation

We also offer services to update your installation as new versions of the software are released. You can then be assured that best practices are followed to perform the update and that in the unlikely event of any problems with upgrading your installation, you have trained experts at hand to resolve them.


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