Referral Partner – you give us the lead, we do the rest!

Referral Partners are partners who generate leads and customer referrals with the intent of closing business through Hilltops IT’s sales team. Referral Partners who identify and refer new opportunities earn referral fees once the business is closed and payment received from the end client.

Commission earned: 15% of all license, UMP, installation and service fees sold.


Reseller Partner – you make the sale, we install and train!

(ConnectIt Software sales only.)

Reseller Partners are partners who generate leads and customer referrals with the intent of closing business themselves. To support the implementation of the software, then Hilltops IT offers provision of professional services to install, configure and train the client (chargeable). Hilltops IT will also provide second line user support (for 30 days) on the Reseller Partner’s behalf (non-chargeable).

Should the Reseller Partner or Reseller Partner’s client decide to install and configure the software themselves, then direct training and support is not offered. Instead support is provisioned through the ConnectIt website at and technical support by emailing

Commission earned: 25% of all license, UMP and optional installation and service fees.


Consulting Partner – you are fully proficient with ConnectIt software!

(ConnectIt Software sales only.)

Consulting Partners are experienced ConnectIt Software sales people proactively promoting ConnectIt on their website (and other promotional media) with a proven track record in successfully implementing ConnectIt solutions. The Consulting Partner offers the complete service to their client: selling, installing, configuring, training and providing first line user support for the ConnectIt software.

Details of the ConnectIt Software on the Consulting Partner’s website should be kept up to date as new versions are released. Failure to do so may result in revoking your ConnectIt Partner status and NFR licenses.

Commission earned: 30% of all license and UMP sales only (installation and service fees not applicable).