User is already logged into QuoteWerks message

Jun 18, 2015

This is a fairly rare issue when working with newer versions of QuoteWerks, but it can be very frustrating when it does occur! The issue may occur if a User’s system crashed or they switched off their PC without first logging out of QuoteWerks and requires you to manually delete the “.lck” file associated with […]


QuoteWerks F2 lookup and double click does not work

May 19, 2015

This is another reasonable common query that our clients have which is usually due to the particular User’s Preference settings that is logged in on a particular workstation. Furthermore it will usually affect the User on any workstation that they try and if they log in as a.n.other User then QuoteWerks will probably behave as expected. Ref. […]


Modifying the QuoteWerks Document Open screen grid columns (pre v5.2)

Apr 29, 2015

This can be achieved by modifying your User.ini file settings in the OpenWindowGridSettings section. Firstly, identify the name of your User.ini file by opening the Tools menu | My Preferences screen; you will find the ini file name at the bottom left: Next, CLOSE QUOTEWERKS and locate the INI file which will be in the […]


Moving QuoteWerks Corporate Re-hosted to a New Server

Jan 09, 2015

Below we provide a summary of steps for moving QuoteWerks Corporate that has been re-hosted to SQL Server from one server to another. This is just a summary and we have provided some links to additional information from the QuoteWerks Help file and Knowledgebase. If there are steps that you would like clarification on or […]


QuoteWerks ‘Last Months Commission Report for all sales reps’ report

Oct 18, 2014

One of the fairly common requests for reporting that we have for new Users is in the ‘Last Months Commission Report for all sales reps’ report which is distributed with QuoteWerks: could the report prompt for a From and To Date rather that just be fixed to last month? This is a fairly straightforward modification to […]


Hilltops IT are QuoteWerks Superheroes!

Dec 28, 2010

Please enjoy this video – “Hilltops IT QuoteWerks Superheroes!” a.k.a. “Steve really needs to get out more!!!” 🙂 And while self-promotion is all very well, we’ve also got many happy clients that have said similar things. Read the kind testimonials customers have offered us by clicking the links!


Complimentary QuoteWerks Business Performance report

Nov 30, 2010

Hilltops IT is pleased to offer a free, year-on-year business performance report for all QuoteWerks users throughout December 2010. The report provides the following information on your business’ performance: Sales invoiced and Gross Profit (Years 1 and 2) The number of Invoices raised and the average Sales value (Year 1) A comparison of the relative uplift / downturn in […]


QuoteWerks sales quotation software video

Dec 10, 2009

QuoteWerks sales quotation software from Hilltops IT. QuoteWerks not only help you create great looking quotes fast, but also provides a central point for you to organise your products, and record quote, order and invoicing history. QuoteWerks is a seamless extension to most contact management solutions to aid managing the sales process and an essential […]