Moving QuoteWerks Corporate Re-hosted to a New Server

Below we provide a summary of steps for moving QuoteWerks Corporate that has been re-hosted to SQL Server from one server to another. This is just a summary and we have provided some links to additional information from the QuoteWerks Help file and Knowledgebase. If there are steps that you would like clarification on or if you would like us to assist you with the move, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our QuoteWerks support team.

In summary, to move QuoteWerks Corporate which has been re-hosted to run on a SQL Server database, follow these steps:

  1. Using SQL Server Management Studio, backup SQL database from your old server
  2. Backup the entire QuoteWerks directory from your old server, i.e. all files and sub-folders
  3. Install SQL Server Management Studio and Database Engine to your new server; hints here
  4. Using SQL Server Configuration Manager, ensure that TCP/IP Client Protocol is enabled on your new server
  5. Ensure that SQL ports are added as exceptions to the Windows (and any other) Firewall on your new server; hints here
  6. Using SQL Server Management Studio, restore the SQL database backup taken in step 1 to your new server
  7. Copy the backed up QuoteWerks directory taken in step 2 to a shared folder on your new server
  8. Ensure that ‘Everyone’ or ‘Domain Users’ have ‘Full Access’ to the QuoteWerks folder where you have just copied the backup
  9. Install QuoteWerks to your new server by running nsetup (this can be a workstation connected to your new server; see notes below); hints here
  10. Use the Medic Utility to change the SQL database login details to reference your new server; hints here
  11. Open QuoteWerks to test the database connectivity

Note that once these steps have been followed, there can be many issues which are generally due to permissions not being set, the correct network protocols not being enabled and/or antivirus or firewall software (including Windows Firewall) interfering with communications. We find that our own ‘best practice’ is to perform the above steps logged into the new server as Administrator (i.e. “Administrator” and not just a User that is a member of the Administrators security group) and get QuoteWerks up-and-running locally to that server first. This generally works just fine and with minimum fuss over security, permissions, AV / firewall, etc. Once you’ve got QuoteWerks up-and-running on the server, then install QuoteWerks to a client workstation by running the nsetup installer from a drive mapped to the QuoteWerks folder share on the new server. Once QuoteWerks is installed to one User workstation, then you can address and permission / security issues before rolling out to all other Users – once the issues are resolved for one User workstation, then generally they are resolved for all.

Pleas also note that any QuoteWerks Remote Users will also need to have their Synchronisation Settings updated to reflect your new server. Instructions on setting up and amending Remote User Synchronisation Settings can be found here.

Additional resources:

  • QuoteWerks Corporate Edition – Moving Databases Using Enterprise Manager; here
  • How to move QuoteWerks from my local drive to the server; here
  • Moving QuoteWerks To a Different Computer; here
  • MSDE/SQL on Windows XP (and other Windows OSs) Firewall Issues; here

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