ConnectIt Pro Key Feature #2 – Transferring Data from ‘Any’ Data Source

ConnectIt-Professional ConfigurationSo with the small print caveat that when we say ‘any’, we mean ‘any’ that we’ve specified on the website or tested it with and not necessarily some weird-and-wonderful text-based format that your banking solution outputs… we can now link from ‘any’ data source!!! 😉

Currently tested source file formats include:

  • An Excel spreadsheet
  • A flat comma separated CSV file
  • A Microsoft Access database
  • A SQL Server database

Plus, there are the, PHP and Magento website types that can also be connected to via web services.

That might not seem like a lot, but the power of what this now offers is immense! The common scenario that we’re seeing immediately is particularly around the IT industry where businesses have some form of support ticketing system where engineers log their time. The ticketing system may be one of the many available commercially or their own SharePoint, Access or other database-based bespoke system.

Getting a summary report out of support requests, engineers time logs and what tasks have been billable (and non-billable) may be straightforward enough, but it’s then a manual chore to that data into the billing system. Enter ConnectIt Professional!  By saving that report as an Excel or CSV file, or perhaps even by linking to the backend database direct (the choice is yours!), the invoices can be transferred into you billing system at a click of the button.

Obviously the more customers that any given company has, then the greater the time saving. So, not only does ConnectIt Professional offer a fantastic solution to this manual exercise, but also a path for businesses to scale their operations with taking on board new customers not being as significant a addition to manual administrative back office tasks.