ConnectIt Pro Key Feature #1 – Front End with Multi-Document Transfer

ConnectIT Pro - UI with Orders listedOne of the key features that user of the current products will note is that ConnectIt now has its own front end user interface.

Traditionally, the only interface to the software has been the Configuration screen; the actual software that does the processing running seamlessly from a menu option in QuoteWerks with just a couple of messages to “Ok” as ConnectIt works it’s magic.

With the multi-document requirement and so needing to select which Documents to transfer, we needed to provide a user interface. The one to ConnectIt-WebCart performed this function (but frankly we felt that it needed a revised facelift!) so, we simply took the underlying code base and just reworked the front end. We’re quite pleased with the results – graphically pleasing, yet still easy to use.

The user now simply opens the ConnectIt Professional application, refreshes the Results grid to get the list of Documents that are ready to be transferred, selects the ones that they want and clicks the Transfer button. All Documents are transferred simultaneously with a confirmation of how many at the end.

The feature is incredibly useful for a user that, for example, has an online web shop or product enquiry website, raises orders that have been placed on a.n.other system from a spreadsheet report they are given to manually enter or processes regular monthly contract invoices. With ConnectIt Pro, instead of it being a manual task to enter the details from the website or unconnected system, it can be done semi-automatically. Equally, the task of copying last months invoice for this month and changing the date is also eliminated and replaced be just a few button clicks.

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