QuoteWerks v4.6 beta with QuoteValet integration first impressions

Nov 21, 2010

First things, first… What’s in QuoteWerks v4.6? The headlines are: Peer Reviews and Approvals HTML email Microsoft Word merging And what is QuoteWerks ‘QuoteValet’? QuoteWerks QuoteValet is the new online quote delivery and acceptance vehicle for QuoteWerks sales quoting solution – it allows the QuoteWerks user to publish their sales quotation to a website for […]


Information on QuoteWerks QuoteValet released

Nov 02, 2010

The QuoteWerks development and marketing teams at Aspire Technologies have been dripping out the information and providing the QuoteWerks Partner network with information on the new QuoteWerks QuoteValet feature for quite some time now. As QuoteWerks sales quoting Solution Partners, we’ve had the priviledge of seeing some ‘work-in-progress’ releases, but at the same time sworn […]