Further QuoteWerks QuoteValet information released

Nov 10, 2010

More information regarding the release of QuoteWerks QuoteValet has been made available to the public and Hilltops IT are pleased to share this information with you below. What is QuoteWerks QuoteValet? QuoteWerks QuoteValet is the new online quote delivery and acceptance vehicle for QuoteWerks sales quoting solution from Aspire Technologies and will be available with […]


Why should I pay for developed add-ons when my software should do ‘X’ anyway!?

Oct 15, 2010

I started this blog article in response to the comment made in the QuoteWerks software support forum here: “I know there are add-ons to correct the date, but why should we need an add-on to get basic functionality?” For anyone who’s reading this that’s not familiar with my (and Hilltops IT / ConnectIT Software‘s) background […]


Updates to the ConnectIt website, keeping you more informed

May 05, 2010

The ConnectIt support team have made several updates to the ConnectIt website to help keep you (and your clients) better informed. Firstly a telephone number to contact the ConnectIt support team… this particular little ‘hot potato’ has been thrown around since we first conceived the ConnectIt brand. Do we or don’t we give end users […]


Why QuoteWerks integration and the ‘best of breed’ approach is ok

Apr 25, 2010

We sometimes get leads, and in particular for ‘green field’ sites when an entire back office system is being set up (or replaced) where the enquirer may be wary of our ‘best of breed’ solution offering. The end-to-end solution that we frequently find ourselves putting forward to prospective clients of a contact manager (Microsoft CRM, […]


Why QuoteWerks?

Apr 22, 2010

Hilltops IT supply software and website solutions for small and medium sized businesses. We’re fairly ‘solution agnostic’ in that we don’t supply just one solution or brand of products and don’t just supply products which fulfil one need. But why does QuoteWerks feature in so many of the solutions that we deliver? Put simply: because […]


Who said upgrading Sage MAS 90/200 ERP add-ons was tough?

Apr 02, 2010

Having read some of the rumours, speculations and stories around the recent Sage MAS 90/200 ERP v4.4 release since… well for over 18 months in total I guess, the Hilltops IT ConnectIt Software development had been ‘looking forward’ to receiving the copy of the Sage MAS software with some trepidation. Following the Sage MAS formal production […]


QuoteWerks sales quotation software video

Dec 10, 2009

QuoteWerks sales quotation software from Hilltops IT. QuoteWerks not only help you create great looking quotes fast, but also provides a central point for you to organise your products, and record quote, order and invoicing history. QuoteWerks is a seamless extension to most contact management solutions to aid managing the sales process and an essential […]