Why QuoteWerks?

Hilltops IT supply software and website solutions for small and medium sized businesses. We’re fairly ‘solution agnostic’ in that we don’t supply just one solution or brand of products and don’t just supply products which fulfil one need. But why does QuoteWerks feature in so many of the solutions that we deliver?

Put simply: because we feel that there is no REAL alternative if you want a quality, flexible, cross-industry sales quoting solution. There are some good niche quoting solutions out there, but these are niche in terms of the industry that they provide for and by their nature not applicable elsewhere. QuoteWerks can be set up to fit many business profiles and has huge potential for customisation to be able to work with a particular business’ (or industry’s) specific requirements.

QuoteWerks as a Business Software Solution

As QuoteWerks resellers, consultants and award winning QuoteWerks Solutions Partners, we also need a product which is reliable and a supplier that is reliable. (Recommending and supplying a product to our customers puts our reputation on the line!) We have always found Aspire Technologies (QuoteWerks author) to be extremely supportive. Their QuoteWerks product is soundly developed, support resources well publicised and the support desk highly communicative.

Anecdotally, the very few production issues that we have found over the years of working with QuoteWerks have been investigated within hours and fixed within days. Other software suppliers have been known to take months even to investigate the issue while the ‘ticket’ is escalated through their support structure…

QuoteWerks as a Development Platform

As QuoteWerks Development Partners and developers that also provide general bespoke software development services, we need a product which is soundly developed and an API (application programming interface) which is reliable. The code for the many utilities and products (see ConnectIT software suite) we have developed is backwards compatible to QuoteWerks v4.0 b17 which was released in January 2006. This means that the code we wrote more than 4 years ago still works with today’s version! (and visa versa.) We think that’s very sound and reliable!!!

Why QuoteWerks?

So: why QuoteWerks? Because the product is ‘right’ and the people behind it are ‘right’.

If you’d like to know more about whether QuoteWerks is ‘right’ for your business, then please get in touch via the website or by calling +44(0) 344 357 7360 or 0844 357 7360.

Thanks. We look forward to hearing from you,

Steve and the Hilltops IT team.

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