Selecting details of Configurators from QuoteWerks database

The below T-SQL statement provides a template for selecting details of Configurators and their associated Containers and Items from the QuoteWerks SQL Server database. If you have any questions or if you’d like an equivalent for an Access backend, then please email

SELECT CH.Name AS ConfiguratorName, CH.Notes AS ConfiguratorNotes
	, CC.Name AS ContainerName
	, CI.PartNumber AS ProductCode, P.[Description] AS ProductDescription
FROM QuoteWerks.dbo.ConfigurationHeaders AS CH WITH (NOLOCK)
	INNER JOIN QuoteWerks.dbo.ConfigurationContainers AS CC WITH (NOLOCK) ON (CH.ID = CC.ConfigurationID)
	LEFT JOIN QuoteWerks.dbo.ConfigurationItems AS CI WITH (NOLOCK) ON (CC.ID = CI.ContainerID)
	LEFT JOIN QuoteWerks.dbo.Products_QuoteWerks_Products AS P WITH (NOLOCK) ON (CI.PartNumber = P.ManufacturerPartNumber)