Restrict QuoteWerks Users ability to view Cost and Margin information

Securing QuoteWerks product cost information

A client just called to ask what would be the best way of preventing certain users from seeing product Cost and Margin information in their QuoteWerks system.

There are several, quite straightforward ways that immediately came to mind…

1) Remove the Product Cost information from the QuoteWerks Document Items grid

Log into QuoteWerks as the user that you do not want to see the Product Cost and Margin information and use the QuoteWerks View menu | Customize Columns option to remove fields such as Unit Cost, Extended Cost, Alternate Cost, etc.

QuoteWerks Customize Document Columns screen

2) Do not allow users to see the Total Cost or Profit amounts

Log into QuoteWerks as an Administrator user and use the Utilities menu | User Maintenance screen | Edit User Properties window to:

  • Remove the ‘User has master rights’ option from the Login tab.
  • Remove the ‘Reports’ option from the Menus tab (plus any other options that you don’t want the new user to get at).
  • Tick the indicated options on the Access tab (plus any other that may be appropriate).
QuoteWerks Edit User Properties screen
QuoteWerks Edit User Properties screen

3) Stopping Users Exporting QuoteWerks Product information

Finally, user could get access to this information by exporting the QuoteWerks Product database. To prevent this, then within the QuoteWerks User setup (see Utilities menu | User Maintenance option) select the User, click Edit, Access tab is the ‘CannotExportProducts’ option. Ticking this option will revoke the User’s ability to Export Products from the Products menu | Product Data Sources list.

Also within QuoteWerks User setup Menus tab, uncheck the Tools menu ‘Export Items to Clipboard’ and ‘Export Items to Microsoft Excel’ menu options. This will hide these options from the Tools menu when the User logs in, therefore not allowing them access to these functions.

Other techniques to lock down QuoteWerks

Do you have any thoughts on other areas that need to be locked down?

Please share by commenting here and helping other companies make their QuoteWerks sales quoting system more secure.


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