Updating QuoteWerks for new UK 20% Tax Rate

To update your QuoteWerks system for the new UK 20% VAT rate due to be introduced on 4th January 2011, your QuoteWerks needs to be changed in 3 places:

  1. The Tools menu | Options option | Documents tab | Sales Tax Rate default value.
  2. The QuoteWerks workbook | Sale Info tab | Tax Rate F2 lookup value.
  3. On any Document Layouts or Reports where the Tax Rate is displayed – this may be written into a label and therefore fixed, using a forumla offers a more flexible approach to displaying this information.

The following video illustrates these changes in more detail, and also offers a demonstration of how the ConnectIt-Workflow QuoteWerks add-on can catch any oversights before documents are sent to your prospect / client.

We hope that you found this article useful. If you have any questions about QuoteWerks sales quoting software, then please just contact us on +44 (0)433 357 7360 or 0844 357 7360 or email enquiries@hilltopsit.co.uk.


The Hilltops IT QuoteWerks support team.

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