The latest on QuoteWerks Development Roadmap

We shared an interesting webinar with Aspire Technologies (authors of QuoteWerks sales quotation software) this evening where, as well as highlighting the new features in QuoteWerks v4.5 build 4, we were given a little more detail of the current ‘Quote Valet‘ development.

The term ‘Quote Valet‘ has been whispering around the QuoteWerks reseller network for a while now, and finally we have had the opportunity to be ‘officially notified’ as to where the QuoteWerks development team are up to. Exact costs of the extra module and timescales for the production release are vague at the moment, but we hope to get more clarity next month.

So what is QuoteWerks Quote Valet?

In essence, QuoteWerks ‘Quote Valet’ is (or will be) an online quote delivery portal where QuoteWerks users can post their sales quotation for the prospect to view and approve.

For companies with sales forces that implement this, it is going to be a MASSIVE time-saver, therefore also a cost-saver, with obvious impacts on cost of sale and the bottom line.

“We’re used to the QuoteWerks development team continually moving the product forward” says Hilltops IT CEO, Stephen Siggs “but it feels like they are moving in giant leaps right now. There’s never been a more exciting time for businesses to get on board with QuoteWerks sales quotation software.”

Would you like to know more about QuoteWerks Quote Valet?

If you’d like to know more, then give Steve a call on +44(0) 344 357 7360 or 0844 357 7360 – he’ll be happy to have a chat about the features and benefits QuoteWerks Quote Valet will offer your business…

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