QuoteWerks RTM (Real-Time Module) is not limited to the IT industry

Did you know that QuoteWerks RTM (Real-Time Module) is not limited to the IT industry!?

Did you also know that QuoteWerks will offer the server-side element of the QuoteWerks Real-Time Pricing and Availability FREE OF CHARGE to suitable product vendors? (i.e. there’s no cost to the supplier, so that’s one possible objection out of the way!)

Do you work with a supplier who you source products from very regularly? If so, then give us a call!

The QuoteWerks Real-Time Module has been known to speed up overall quote production by up to 1,000%. Yes – 10x! The time-savings that sales administrators gain from not having to call suppliers or look up revised pricing on their supplier'(s) websites means that they have more time to 1) generate more quotes and 2) close more sales.

Having up-to-the-minute pricing means that your sales administrators ensure that the information they provide customers is absolutely accurate. From a purchasing perspective, you know exactly who has stock and where products can be sourced from ensuring that you can meet the customer’s delivery timescales.

If you’d like to discuss the possibilities of how QuoteWerks Real-Time Pricing and Availability module could be implemented for your industry, then give Steve a call on +44(0) 7875 423661 or email development@hilltopsit.co.uk and we’ll see what further efficiencies we can bring to your business through your use of QuoteWerks sales quotation software.

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