QUOTEWERKS: new reseller group on LinkedIn

The purpose of this group is for members to keep each other up-to-date on QuoteWerks-related product news, provide an additional support / discussion forum for resellers only, and to share tips, tricks and experiences in implementing QuoteWerks-based solutions in different vertical industry sectors.

Group members are actively encourage to contribute news on QuoteWerks, tips and tricks they have learnt when implementing QuoteWerks-based solutions, “how do I…” and “has anyone ever tried…” questions to challenge the group and help resellers find solutions, plus provide information on their own products which enhance QuoteWerks.

The URL to join is here: http://www.linkedin.com/groupRegistration?gid=1416347

Please pass this on to your colleagues who you feel may also benefit from membership. After all – the more members, the more sources for contributions, the more informed we’ll be on QuoteWerks-related issues and innovations.

In other similar groups (specifically ACT! Fanatics recently) some concern was raised when the Group Manager proposed members provide information on their own products. We think that as long as members keep the information relevant and new, then we can provide each other with a useful source of information. As long as products are QuoteWerks related, then we should be able to make this a success. For example: we will be adding posts when we release significant new builds and products in the ConnectIt range, but we will not be advertising our website development services. While our website development services might be of interest to members, the QuoteWerks Resellers Group is not the right forum to be advertising. Any questions or if anyone has issues with things other members might be posting, then please just contact Steve through the LinkedIn messaging or contact Hilltops IT direct here.

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