How to be a better software development company

Prompted by some of the comments and discussion in the article about software development add-ons, and during an internal brainstorming session as to how we can improve our ConnectIt software development services, we started a couple of lists on how to be a better software author. We’ve tried to think of it as traits of a good software development company and those of a not so good one.

Clearly we are just listing what we think is important; we would be missing a trick if we didn’t look outside of our own four walls and consult YOU from the user / reseller / prospective customer’s / fellow bloggers and social media commentators points of view. We’re not perfect (no-one is!) and are constantly striving to do better. I’d really appreciate your thoughts on what YOU think is important. Please either comment below or email with your thoughts.

Thank you in advance for your time.


Attributes of a Great Software Development Company

  • They produce software that has easy installation and an intuitive way of work, but with flexible configurations.
  • Their solutions work as expected – elegantly engineered and intuitive to use.
  • Their solutions are designed with the end user and the business solutions that they are delivering in mind.
  • Their developers have an excellent understanding of the business problems that their software is being built to solve.
  • They produce software which has complete and thorough documentation, including user guides, help for known gotchas (preferably online for easy reference and update) and preferably videos or audio references too.
  • All code is developed to industry standards, re-useable, modular, etc, etc.
  • Their follow-up on enquiries is timely and courteous.
  • Their response to support issues is fast and answers complete.
  • They hit agreed deadlines and budgets.
  • They have a mechanism for resellers to offer their customers the solutions.
  • Their resellers have thorough product knowledge and do not need to refer basic questions back to the author.
  • Their applications un-install completely.
  • They keep their resellers and customers up-to-date with new product and feature releases.
  • The release updates which are backward compatible.
  • They update their add-on software very soon after a new release of the integrated software.
  • Their add-on applications compliment the integrated software and do not fundamentally change it.
  • Their solutions are thoroughly tested before production release.
  • They have a user community and/or a mechanism for issuing beta test releases in place.

Traits of a not-so-good Software Development Company

  • Their applications are difficult to install, require a technical expert to configure and cannot be reconfigured or un-installed easily.
  • While their solutions might be technically brilliant, they are not intuitive or easy to use.
  • Their solutions are poorly architected, difficult to use and feel ‘hacked’ together.
  • Their applications are poorly documented and with minimal (or no) online support available.
  • Other than closing the initial sale, they do not communicate proactively with the end user.
  • Their technical support is slow to respond and/or doesn’t answer queries fully.
  • Their add-on applications fall behind with new releases of the integrated software.
  • Their add-on solutions change the way that the integrated software works such that support issues become difficult to manage (i.e. technical support end up ‘passing the buck’).
  • New releases are commonly bug-ridden.
  • They do not have feedback mechanisms in place or a support process to manage issuing patch releases.

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