CONNECTIT: now offering increased user support

We’ve just been notified by Developer Services that now more ConnectIt-Sage50 users can link to Sage accounts without having to upgrade or purchase additional Sage licenses.

From Sage Developer Services:

With exception to Sage 50 Accounts Professional, all connections to the Sage 50 Accounts database via the software development kit (Sage Data Objects (SDO)), are currently limited to the number of licensed Sage 50 Accounts users.

Given that Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Accounts Plus are only available with single user or 2 user licences, the opportunity to accommodate multiple third-party add-ons and integrated multi-user applications, can prove restrictive. For example – with a 2 user licence, only 1 x Sage 50 Accounts user login and 1 x SDO connection may be established. With a single user licence, an SDO connection will not be permitted if a Sage 50 Accounts user is already logged in, and vice versa.

Now you can manage up to 6 simultaneous SDO connections

In response to feedback from our customers, Business Partners and of course our Developer community, SDO has been enhanced to manage up to 6 simultaneous connections to the Sage 50 Accounts 2009 database. For example – if 1 x Sage 50 Accounts user is logged on, a maximum of 5 x SDO user connections will be permitted.

So what does this mean for ConnectIt users?

Once this SDO update has been installed, Sage will allow you to have more users accessing the accounts files through ConnectIt. So there’s no need to buy additional licenses for Sage and no need to log out of Sage in order to transfer documents.

For existing users: contact Sage support, they will be able to supply you with the updated SDO installation files with instruction on how to install them.

For new users: we will be releasing a new version of the ConnectIt software later this week which will have the updated SDO files included as part of the installation.

And what about partners?

This means new opportunities for ConnectIt-Sage50 sales! For any companies that you may have spoken to in the past that rejected ConnectIt due to the expense of an upgrade to Sage, now here’s the answer!

More information

For more information on the updates, please contact your ConnectIt or Sage reseller or email us:

For more information on the increasing range of ConnectIt products and how they can help deliver efficiencies to your business, please see the ConnectIt website here.

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