Changing QuoteWerks / Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration Forecast and Call Back defaults

Jul 20, 2012

Individual users can change the default Forecast Close Date, Forecast Probability, Call Back Date and Call Back Time when creating follow-up tasks from QuoteWerks by editing the {username}.ini file ForecastCloseDate, ForecastProbability, CallBackDate and CallBackTime keys under the [Preferences] section. This is achieved by following exactly the same steps as those laid out in the Changing […]


Why should I pay for developed add-ons when my software should do ‘X’ anyway!?

Oct 15, 2010

I started this blog article in response to the comment made in the QuoteWerks software support forum here: “I know there are add-ons to correct the date, but why should we need an add-on to get basic functionality?” For anyone who’s reading this that’s not familiar with my (and Hilltops IT / ConnectIT Software‘s) background […]


CONNECTIT: CRM, QuoteWerks and Sage resellers and consultants

Jan 08, 2009

10 Good Reasons to Start Reselling ConnectIt Generous commission structure on all licenses, support & services sold. Free support to ConnectIt resellers. Free marketing resources to ConnectIt resellers. Comprehensive online knowledgebase & suite of video tutorials. Online demo environment provided free for your use. Online demos conducted by ConnectIt Support on your behalf. Lead follow […]