#2 Worldwide QuoteWerks Solutions Partner

December 5th, 2014

QuoteWerks #2 Partner 2014It’s becoming a bit of a habit now, but we’ve won the award for Top Worldwide QuoteWerks Solutions Partner for what is now the 9th year in a row! :) (As usual just beaten to the top prize by the team at Quintadena!)

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ConnectIt-Sage50 v2.21.3 released

November 24th, 2014

ConnectIt-Sage50 QuoteWerks and Sage 50 Accounts integration solution v2.21.3 now released including new Email Notification and Stock Adjustment features. Download your copy here!

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ConnectIt compatibility with QuoteWerks v5.0

November 14th, 2014

We are pleased to announce that all ConnectIt products are fully compatible with the new QuoteWerks v5.0 release. This includes both Products which integrate Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 200 ERP, Pegasus Opera, Sage MAS90/200 ERP, websites, etc. plus our QuoteWerks Workflow add-ons and bespoke / custom developed offerings. No upgrades are required to ConnectIt Products – all features and functions are expected to work as-is following an upgrade to your QuoteWerks software.

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Modifying QuoteWerks QuoteValet to include a URL to Products

October 18th, 2014

This blog article demonstrates how to modify the default QuoteWerks QuoteWerks web page HTML layout to include a URL to the Product on your (or your Suppliers) website for your prospect to click on for additional information. The following piece of HTML code is a snippet from our customised QuoteWerks QuoteValet page: Read the rest of this entry »

QuoteWerks ‘Last Months Commission Report for all sales reps’ report

October 18th, 2014

One of the fairly common requests for reporting that we have for new Users is in the ‘Last Months Commission Report for all sales reps’ report which is distributed with QuoteWerks: could the report prompt for a From and To Date rather that just be fixed to last month? This is a fairly straightforward modification to make and this blog article walks you through the process.

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Stock Adjustments and Email Alerts in ConnectIt

October 9th, 2014

ConnectIt boxshotFurther to requests from customers, we will imminently be introducing Sage Stock Adjustments and email alerts into the ConnectIt-Sage50 software.

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ConnectIt-Workflow now available free of charge

October 1st, 2014

Due to popular demand our ConnectIt-Workflow productivity enhancements for QuoteWerks are now available FREE OF CHARGE!

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ConnectIt-Sage50 v2.21.0 released

September 29th, 2014

With the following new features and updates…

ADDED: support for Sage 50 Accounts v21 (2015)
ADDED: Configuration | Documents tab | Transfer Details tab | Header column – if this option is ticked, then the QuoteWerks Document Header Line Items are transferred to Sage the Sage Documents as Comments.

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Resource Management tool v1.5.3 released

September 3rd, 2014

With the following new features, updates and fixes…

ADDED: CHMS | On load if the connection to ACT! fails, then load the dropdown information from that in the database and disable button functions which rely on the connection to ACT!
ADDED: Financials tab | Adjustments tab – options to Filter Adjustments by date
ADDED: Configuration | Advanced tab | Rules tab | Driver Conflict From and To Minutes – these are used with the new validation when creating / updating a Shift (see below).
ADDED: Configuration | Main Diary tab | New and Edit buttons – added validation that the Care Home where the Shift is scheduled does not have another Shift there within the next X-Y minutes. The X-Y minutes are governed by the new Configuration options (see above).

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ConnectIt-Sage200 (2010) v1.8.4 released

August 4th, 2014

With the following updates and fixes…

UPDATED: when the Configuration | Documents tab | Sales Documents tab | ‘Customer VAT No. Reference is in QuoteWerks‘ is un-ticked, then also un-tick and disable the ‘Enable Tax Code Validation’ option as it is not relevant without having the Customer VAT number.

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