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QuoteWerks Sales Quotation Software

QuoteWerks sales quotation software solution enables companies in any industry to create detailed quotes with speed and efficiency. If you want to save time and money when quoting, selling, ordering, and purchasing products and services, then you need QuoteWerks!

  • Create Sales Quotes, Orders (Sales & Purchase), Invoices – start to finish QuoteWerks handles it all, saving you time and increasing your productivity by not having to swap between different software applications for different tasks within the sales order process.
  • Find Products Quickly – products can be organized into folders to help you get the right products onto your quote quickly and easily.
  • Bundle Your Products – save still more time and avoid missing an item by adding groups of products to your quote with a single click.
  • Configure Your Products - QuoteWerks can guide you step by step through your own quotation process by presenting users with a list of products to choose from, accompanied by instructions on minimum/maximum quantities, optional, required and substitute items, etc. This means that new staff are helped through the sales quotation process and items which are otherwise commonly forgotten will no longer be missing from your quotes, thus ensuring your company doesn’t miss a sale and your customers are impressed by the accuracy of your quotation.
  • Real-time Pricing & Availability – QuoteWerks offers a module whereby users can access real-time pricing and availability information for certain PC industry distributors, such as Ingram Micro, Tech Data (Computer 2000) and many more. This means you can deliver any last minute price savings to your customers and also confirm whether the product will ship today or if it will be backordered, thus providing you with the information you need to make the best purchasing decision for both your company and your customer.
  • Define Pricing Strategies - products and services in QuoteWerks can be priced in many different ways (customer price levels, markup from cost, discount from list, fixed, price matrix and more). This means you have the flexibility to successfully manage products from many different sources and suppliers and to automatically price them according to which customer you are selling them to.
  • Know Your Profit Margin - with the extensive pricing options, you will know your profit margin on every sales quotation you produce, which means you can quickly and easily identify which products to focus your sales efforts on.
  • Get the Best Prices - the QuoteWerks price comparison worksheet compares prices between your vendors, which means you can be sure you select the products where your company gets the best price.
  • See Product Price History – quickly check what you have sold to your customers in the past, and what you charged them, which means you can produce future sales quotations in QuoteWerks in a consistent and professional manner.
  • International Features – successfully handle products in the currency you buy them in and produce sales quotes, orders and invoices in multi-currency format, which means you don’t lose time trying to work out accurate foreign prices.
  • Link to Contact Managers – save even more time by integrating QuoteWerks with one of the many supported contact managers, such as ACT!, GoldMine, Outlook, Maximizer, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, etc, which means you’ll never have to type the contact name and company address on a quote again.
  • Document Automation - include cover sheets, service contacts, spec sheets, etc with your sales quotations quickly and easily which means you don’t have to waste time searching for them anymore.
  • Customize Quote Layouts - QuoteWerks has a visual report designer, which means you can format the content and layout of your sales quotes, orders and invoices and customize them to incorporate your company logo etc, thus reinforcing your corporate image and impressing your customers with the professionalism of your sales order processing documents.
  • E-Mail Your Quotes - integrated e-mail client allows you to e-mail quotes directly from within QuoteWerks, which means you save time because there is no need to save the quote to a file and then attach it in your e-mail software.
  • Share Quotes Between Offices – if you have sales people on the road, or even home office workers, QuoteWerks can synchronize quotes and products between different locations, which means your staff are kept up-to-date and your management reports will be accurate and give you a true insight into how your business is performing.
  • Security Features – QuoteWerks can be set up to define who can view, modify and/or delete whose documents and also which menus are available to each user, which means you can protect your product and document databases and safeguard them against misuse.
  • Create Sales Reports – QuoteWerks has a very powerful, built in visual reporting tool, which means you can run accurate reports at the click of a button to get business critical information in terms of outstanding quotes, lost sales, quote to order conversion rates, commission reports, etc.
  • Link to Contact Managers - save even more time by integrating QuoteWerks with one of the many supported contact managers, such as ACT!, GoldMine, Outlook, Maximizer, Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, Sugar CRM etc, which means you'll never have to type the contact name and company address on a quote again.
  • Link to Accounting Software – save time and ensure accuracy by integrating QuoteWerks with one of the supported accounting packages, such as Peachtree and QuickBooks, or via the ConnectIt suite of products that seamlessly link QuoteWerks to Sage 50, QuoteWerks to Sage 200 and Sage MAS90 and Sage MAS200. The benefit of this best of breed approach is that you can take advantage of QuoteWerks’ powerful quoting capabilities and flexible document formatting whilst still capitalizing on the functionality of the best accountancy packages on the market.


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