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QuoteWerks and Sage 200 integration

The ConnectIt-Sage200 software integrates QuoteWerks and Sage 200; seamlessly transferring document, customer, supplier and product information, saving you significant time.


The ConnectIt products have a proven track record in delivering huge time-saving efficiencies to clients.

Using the ConnectIt software, information transfers between QuoteWerks and Sage 200 have been reduced from (up to) 1 hour down to seconds. Businesses that have implemented the ConnectIt software have achieved a return on their investment within weeks (and sometimes even days!).


  • Enables the QuoteWerks user to create the current active QuoteWerks document in Sage. ConnectIt supports Sage Sales Order and Purchase Order document types.
  • Create new products, customers and suppliers in Sage without needing to leave the QuoteWerks application.
  • Bi-directional transfer of unique document reference numbers from QuoteWerks to Sage and the Sage document number back to QuoteWerks for auditing purposes and inclusion in document templates.
  • Intuitive and user friendly. Just click the ‘Create document in Sage’ menu option from the QuoteWerks Tools menu and let ConnectIt do the rest.
  • Many configuration options so that ConnectIt will work to suit your business requirements.

For more information on the ConnectIt-Sage200 product, please see the ConnectIt-Sage200 website.

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