#2 Worldwide QuoteWerks Solutions Partner

QuoteWerks #2 Partner 2014It’s becoming a bit of a habit now, but we’ve won the award for Top Worldwide QuoteWerks Solutions Partner for what is now the 9th year in a row! 🙂 (As usual just beaten to the top prize by the team at Quintadena!)

Obviously we’re immensely pleased to receive the award as a testament to the Hilltops IT teams hard work in providing our clients with not just license sales but also all of the training and support services they need to get QuoteWerks up-and-running in their business and to get the most of the software going forward.

We don’t see that service offering changing anytime soon – with the exciting news of an online version of QuoteWerks plus the ever-increasing number of QuoteWerks add-on and integration solutions we provide through the ConnectIt Software brand, we feel that there’s plenty more that QuoteWerks can provide to our clients (both existing and new).

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