ConnectIt-Workflow now available free of charge

Did you know that our ConnectIt-Workflow productivity enhancements for QuoteWerks are now available FREE OF CHARGE!?

Simply register your details on the ConnectIt website here, wait for the email confirming that your Registration has been authorised and you can then download, install and use ConnectIt-Workflow free of charge for any number of Users.

The ConnectIt-Workflow product includes several productivity extensions and business process management modules to help you run an even more efficient back office including:

  • Document Open – highly configurable screen to search and open Documents in QuoteWerks with options not available from QuoteWerks itself.
  • Document Split – to help manage part-ordering or part-invoicing or goods and services.
  • RFQ (Request For Quote) – provides features to assist with generating price request Documents for Vendors (Suppliers).
  • Validation – probably the most powerful tool in the ConnectIt-Workflow arsenal; allows Rules to be setup at each stage of the sales order processing process to ensure that all documentation is accurate and complete.

We hope that you will find the ConnectIt-Workflow solution useful. If you would like to see additional features or entire modules in the product, then please email We guarantee to consider every request and feedback the feasibility of any requests that we receive.

Please note that no free Technical or User Support is available for the unpaid for version, but there are extensive Knowledgebase Articles and complete Documentation is available on the ConnectIt website. You may, of course, also take out a support contract; contact one of the team for information and prices.


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One Response to “ConnectIt-Workflow now available free of charge”

  1. Steve says:

    PLEASE NOTE that as of 1st January 2016, due to the high demand for additional features from paying resellers and User, ConnectIt will no longer be available as a free product.

    Pricing is ‘to be confirmed’ but it expected to be at a negligible amount. More details in due course.

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