ConnectIt-Sage50 v1.20.3 released

With the following new features and fixes…

ADDED: ConnectIt Configuration | Documents tab | Main tab | ‘Roll-up like Product Code Quantities into a single line’ option. If this option is ticked, then the Quantities of Line Items on the QuoteWerks which have the same Product Code (usually Manufacturer Part Number) are summed into the first instance of that Product Code on the Sage Sales and/or Purchase Document(s). Note that if the Unit Cost and/or Unit Price of the like Product Code Line Items are different, then the User is prompted and the transfer will fail because this would result in a Document in Sage which has a different total value to that in QuoteWerks.

FIXED: “ConnectIt has stopped working” error when transferring a Document from QuoteWerks into Sage. This was because the ConnectIt Configuration Utility ‘QuoteWerks Logon Settings’ have not been set up and the Supplier tab | ‘Supplier information is maintained in Sage not QuoteWerks’ option is not ticked. ConnectIt now presents the user with a more meaningful error message.

For more information on ConnectIt-Sage50 and the other integration and add-on utilities that we produce through our ConnectIt Software brand, please see our sister site here.

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