QuoteWerks v4.7 build 6 is QuoteValet-tastic!

There is just one clear focus for the latest release of QuoteWerks sales quotation software – QuoteValet, QuoteValet, QuoteValet! And more specifically the formal launch of QuoteValet mobile! Yet another big step in helping businesses make their quotation processes more efficient, more impressive to clients and ultimately reducing the time it takes to convert a lead into a sale.

Details below or give us a call to discuss how QuoteWerks may be able to benefit your business.

1. The mobile quoting solution for QuoteWerks – QuoteValet mobile is now available. QuoteValet Mobile is included in your QuoteValet subscription at no additional charge. QuoteValet mobile is a platform independent mobile quoting solution for tablets. Right from your iPad (or HTML5 compatible tablet), you can create a quote for a customer onsite and email it to them while you are still onsite. Particularly useful for quick small orders. Once created, the QuoteValet engine takes over, allowing the customer to choose options, electronically sign, and pay by credit card.

2. For QuoteValet Mobile users, QuoteWerks templates can now be uploaded to QuoteValet by choosing the “Save Template to QuoteValet Mobile” option on the File->Save As Template window. For existing templates you can choose the “Save Template to QuoteValet Mobile” option on the File->Save window. The makes the template available on QuoteValet Mobile.

3. New Inbox tab on the QuoteValet Dashboard. On the Inbox tab you will Only see new QuoteValet activity notifications. This is an improvement over the Reporting tab which just shows all activity. Also, with the new inbox notification, the notification like a customer acceptance will stay in your inbox until you are ready to dismiss it, preventing you from accidentally losing track of the acceptance. Each inbox notification displays an icon indicating what type of activity has happened since you last checked.

4. For QuoteValet users, on the QuoteValet Dashboard, the reporting has been enhanced. The Manage tab has been renamed to Reporting, and now there are some new reports. There are separate “Customer Activity” and “Internal Activity” reports. The Expiring/Expired reports have been separated into “Expiring” and “Expired” for more effect use. A new report “Uploaded for Customer Acceptance” is useful for knowing how many quotes where uploaded for customer acceptance during any given date range. Another new report is “Accepted (with balance due)” useful in tracking down those customers that have not paid yet. Another related new report is the “Payment Received” report. Lastly to pair with the new QuoteValet Mobile functionality there is a new “QuoteValet Mobile Documents” report. The QuoteValet document activity history now is color coded so that Customer activity is different than Sales Rep activity. You can now also filter documents by “Doc Name contains”, “Company starts with”, and Source (QuoteWerks or QuoteValet Mobile).

5. For QuoteValet users, added new “Open QuoteValet Dashboard when starting QuoteWerks” option on the Misc tab under Tools->My Preferences.

6. For QuoteValet users, on the Reporting tab of the QuoteValet Dashboard, there are now new right click menu options of “View Customer facing page” and “Display in CRM”.

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