Changing the QuoteWerks Document Number Prefix

Further to the post back in February about changing the three character prefix on a QuoteWerks Layout, a client has just asked about changing just the Q/O/I letter – specifically the “I” Invoice for a “C” Credit Note.

Here’s the formula we gave them for the QuoteWerks master installation Layout:


For a remote QuoteWerks user’s Layout, it would be:


The formulae use two key functions – ‘first’ and ‘last’ which both take two parameters:

  • string – the piece of text that we want to take part of
  • num – the number of characters that we want to take from string

Using these functions in this way, we are able to take the parts of the Document Number that we want to retain (the prefix and the number itself) and replace the Document Type Q/O/I with another letter.

Hope this helps!

The Hilltops IT QuoteWerks Support Team.

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