QuoteWerks v4.6 video teaser

Please enjoy this short ‘teaser’ video of the new features to be included in the soon-to-be-released QuoteWerks sales quoting software solution…

Courtesy of the QuoteWerks YouTube Channel

What we’d like to know is who in the QuoteWerks team is playing which instrument on the backing track…

Any guesses???

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3 Responses to “QuoteWerks v4.6 video teaser”

  1. Well, it’s Brian doing the demo, so as talented as he is, he can’t be playing an instrument at the same time. (Men can’t multi-task!)

    I’m going for Michael on bass (good solid, efficient backup support), Evan on guitar (he always seems like a cheery person, like the guitar bouncing along) which would leave the xylophone for… erm… John! Gotta be! Free, entrepreneurial, not afraid to do something a bit different! That’s where my money is!

  2. Brian Laufer says:

    Thank goodness for the power of MP3 recordings! Good guesses… Great imagination!

    If I were playing, I would be playing Bass or Drums. In this case, I would probably be the one playing the xylophone. I am a percussionist at heart. On guitar, we would ask Pete back. We would need to hold open auditions for the remainder of the band, however…

  3. Tim Wilmot says:

    They should be on America’s Got Talent.

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