Further QuoteWerks QuoteValet information released

More information regarding the release of QuoteWerks QuoteValet has been made available to the public and Hilltops IT are pleased to share this information with you below.   

What is QuoteWerks QuoteValet?

QuoteWerks QuoteValet is the new online quote delivery and acceptance vehicle for QuoteWerks sales quoting solution from Aspire Technologies and will be available with QuoteWerks version 4.6 for an additional monthly subscription (the price is still unknown!).   

QuoteValet allows customers to view quotations via their web browser using a link which the QuoteWerks user sends by email. This allows customers to review (and even make selections from options) and accept the quotation online, whilst providing the QuoteWerks  user with valuable information of when, and how often, the quotation has been viewed and whether it has been accepted. This will inevitably make transferring from quotation to order a much faster and smoother process.   

QuoteWerks QuoteValet logo

QuoteWerks QuoteValet


QuoteWerks QuoteValet: Deliver, Collaborate, Close!

“Deliver, Collaborate, Close” is the slogan for the new QuoteWerks QuoteValet system and suggests the key benefits and features; providing functionality to enhance the method and efficiency in the delivery of quotations, additional collaboration between the QuoteWerks user and colleagues and customers alike whilst also smoothing out acceptance procedures.   


The key features of delivering a quotation in QuoteValet are that you are informed via email of when, and how frequently, a quotation is viewed by the customer, providing you with an insight to the customer’s purchasing process and level of interest whilst keeping you informed on the customer’s activity. By being viewed via a web browser, this avoids some email servers blocking larger PDF document files as attachments or being flagged by spam filters.    

QuoteWerks QuoteValet supports all web browsers, ensuring that your quotation gets viewed. You can even customise the QuoteValet website templates, ensuring that your quotations look professional, support your corporate identity and look as though they are part of your company’s website!    


Another key feature to the QuoteValet application is the interactive collaboration of QuoteWerks users with colleagues, managers and customers. This function allows you to request feedback from your peers before a quotation is sent to the customer in order for you to refine your quotes, improving accuracy and appearance.   

Managers can now also approve of quotations before they are submitted to the customer, ensuring greater accuracy still and giving managers a greater level of peace of mind. All in all, this will satisfy the customer who will be impressed with the level of precision and appearance of their quotation which will ultimately increase their likelihood of making the purchase!   

QuoteWerks users also get the chance to interact with the customer, who can view the quotation, select from options and have the ability to ask questions regarding the quotation via the web browser, the user will then be notified of this via email, ensuring that the customer has all the information they need to make their purchase with confidence.   


The main benefit of QuoteWerks QuoteValet in closing the sale is that customers can now accept and sign electronically, alleviating the need to send numerous faxes for signatures within your business. As the quotation is viewable via a web browser, this allows customers to be able to accept the quotes on their mobile device also, ensuring that customers can have access to their quotes on the move, speeding up the whole process.   

You will also be informed via email when the quote is accepted and there are additional options to get SMS alerts when high order quotes are approved by the customer, making sure you are informed where ever you may be.   

This sounds great, so when can I get it?

QuoteWerks v4.6 and QuoteValet will be released on 15th December 2010

Providing you have a valid Update and Maintenance Program (UMP), QuoteWerks v4.6will be available as a free upgrade.  The QuoteValet service will be available for a monthly subscription (details to be announced soon), although no on-going commitment will be required.   

QuoteWerks QuoteValet from Hilltops IT

We’re excited! And we hope you are too! Be assured that as soon as we get more information, we’ll let you know. Our award winning team of QuoteWerks consultants and trainers are very keen to get their hands on it to learn the features to pass on guidance to you. Our QuoteWerks sales team are also keen so that we can shorten the sales cycle in-house too!   

What are your thoughts? Please share what you think about the new QuoteWerks and QuoteValet release with us:   

  • What features would you like to see?
  • what price would you pay?
  • How would online order confirmation help your business?
  • Will online order confirmation help speed up your sales?
  • How else can Hilltops IT help you make your business run more effectively?

Thanks, we look forward to reading you comments.

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