New Sage ACT! v2011 released! New features here…

At Hilltops IT, we have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new Sage ACT! v2011 and it’s finally here! Allow us to explain the new features.

Start-Up Wizard and Layout

Firstly, Sage ACT! v2011 has an improved Start-Up Wizard to allow users quick and easy access to their customer database. There is also enhancements to the Welcome page and additional layout features including an ‘Export to Excel’ option and a better functioning back-button which can give you access to the previous 10 working screens.

New Smart Task function

New to Sage ACT! v2011 is the Smart Task function, which allows an ACT! user to create a workflow and automatically schedule follow-up phone calls or emails. This will undoubtedly save you time and improve your relationships with your clients! And why not integrate this with the new ACT! E-marketing utility?

Improved integration with Microsoft Outlook

Sage ACT! v2011 also offers enhancements with the integration and synchronisation with Microsoft Outlook to ensure that all of your contacts, activities and calendars are up-to-date alleviating the need to worry about consistency and duplication!

Enhanced File Security

Sage ACT! Premium v2011 also boasts improved file security. This new feature utilises user permissions to define who has access to customer profiles and email attachments, increasing the security of your information.

New Business Information Services

Sage Business Information Services for ACT!  is another new element of Sage ACT! v2011 and is powered by Hoovers TM. Although it requires an additional subscription, it has handy features such as searching customer profiles, financials, industry information and news, and then imports them directly into ACT!

New Mobile Live feature

Ever needed to access your Sage ACT! contacts and calendar when you’re out of the office? Well, Sage ACT! v2011 has the new Sage ACT! Mobile Live feature for your mobile phone which is available with an additional subscription fee. You can also edit the information, enabling you to be even more productive! There are 3 simple steps to set it up on your BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device.

Order your Sage ACT! software or Upgrade Now!

You can purchase the new release of Sage ACT! v2011 direct from Hilltops IT! And don’t forget, Hilltops IT offers Sage ACT!  training on-site or online. Whether you need a full day’s training at your offices or ad-hoc online training sessions, Hilltops IT will cater for your business’ needs. UPDATE: Sage ACT! special offers for October 2010! Click here! Have you experienced the new Sage ACT! v2011? Please share your comments regarding the new release with us ! For more information on Sage ACT!  and our training services, to discuss your requirements and place your order – contact us now on 0844 357 7360

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  1. Jeff Granger says:

    The addition of Smart-Tasks, Outlook contact integration and Office 2010 compatibility on their own make the ACT 2011 release well worth the upgrade from earlier versions.

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