Why QuoteWerks integration and the ‘best of breed’ approach is ok

We sometimes get leads, and in particular for ‘green field’ sites when an entire back office system is being set up (or replaced) where the enquirer may be wary of our ‘best of breed’ solution offering.

The end-to-end solution that we frequently find ourselves putting forward to prospective clients of a contact manager (Microsoft CRM, Goldmine, ACT! by Sage, Sage CRM, etc), QuoteWerks (for quoting, sales order processing and invoicing) a stock management solution and an accounts package (QuickBooks, Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 200 Financials and Commercials, etc)

The Technology behind QuoteWerks et al Integration

At the risk of switching non-technical readers of this article ‘off’ so early in the article. (Readers with no interest in the QuoteWerks technical aspects should perhaps skip this bit!) Suffice to say – it’s technically sound practices that are followed.

QuoteWerks, along with ‘most’ other new applications are written these days with API (application programming interface) considerations in mind. All of the aforementioned products have one. Unlike the premise of ‘integration’ of 7-8, certainly 10, years ago – ‘integration’ is no longer synonymous with ‘hacking’. Integration is now truly working with built-in program interfaces which support the business logic of the application itself.

The QuoteWerks API offers a communication method for the developer to ‘talk’ to the application and it’s database. It’s like having a manager or guard in place to prevent the 3rd party developer cause potential issues related to external data being pushed and pulled between the applications.

The Theory’s Good, but what about the practice?

This ‘best of breed’ approach can concern prospects. The idea of ‘seamless integration’ can be met with a wry smile from the prospect and look of “yeah, right!”. That’s ok, that’s what we expect and we have the same wry smile! We also have the satisfaction that it can be ‘seamless’ – we know because we run that solution in-house! Plus we have many very happy clients doing the same.

A complete QuoteWerks end-to-end solution project isn’t necessarily implemented all at once. Depending on the client’s preferred course, it can be or we’ll pick off the phases as they show to be ‘pain points’ within the clients business. Capital expenditure, the desire to gain return on investment and the simple practicality of keeping the business running while implementing new solutions mean a phased approach may be preferable.

For examples of successful implementations of QuoteWerks in this ‘best of breed’ approach to solution provision, please see these case studies:

Our Conclusion on QuoteWerks integrated solutions…

If your IT solution provider is putting together a QuoteWerks solution proposal based on this ‘best of breed’ integrated solution approach – we think it’s ok! In fact, we’d actively encourage it, as the other side of this coin is a solution provided by a single supplier… read our thoughts on that in another blog article, coming soon!!!

… what’s yours?

Please share your thoughts and experiences of ‘best of breed’ software solutions versus those provided by a single supplier by commenting here or emailing development@hilltopsit.co.uk

Thanks; we look forward to hearing from you.

Steve and the Hilltops IT team.

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