ConnectIT-Workflow for QuoteWerks beta hits the mark

Following yesterday’s beta release of ConnectIT-WorkflowQuoteWerks business process manager, we have been receiving resoundingly positive feedback on the new feature addition.

What’s really exciting for us here though and what we’d like to get across to the QuoteWerks and ConnectIT reseller partner networks is that we can do these things… EASILY and COST-EFFECTIVELY!

While demonstrating the existing validation module and the new RFQ Request For Quote module with various QuoteWerks / ConnectIT partner resellers and end users, we’ve also taken the opportunity to ‘brainstorm’ what ‘other’ features users would like to see. We’ve collated quite a list of points which we’ll be rolling out over the coming months.

The ConnectIT-Workflow ‘framework’ took us a while to build, but now that it’s in place, we have a very solid foundation in order to build further QuoteWerks business process management features. Plus – we’re not just talking ‘bespoke utilities’ here – we’re talking a fully supported ‘product’ with a road map, licensing, an online support knowledge-base, telephone support, etc – all the things that you would expect in ‘a product’ versus ‘ a utility’.

So why ConnectIT-Workflow? 

  • Sales people can eliminate objections because QuoteWerks now ‘can do X’. If your user wants a field updating based on an event in QuoteWerks, such as the Document Date automatically updated when converting to an invoice. We could do that!
  • No clumsy workarounds to facilitate business requirements, simply implement ConnectIT-Workflow to work alongside QuoteWerks and improve your end users’ user experience.
  • Rapid requirement request to in-product developed solution for business requirements which have a potential for mass appeal.
  • All the above leading to more revenue opportunities for QuoteWerks and ConnectIT resellers.

    Working with the ConnectIT development team, you’re working with a company that has a proven track record for delivering quality solutions which do ‘exactly what they say on the tin’.

    So: what would you like to see from ConnectIT-Workflow – QuoteWerks business process manager? What do your clients want? Note your thoughts on this blog post for us to pick up or email we guarantee to log your requirements and feedback comments from the development team.

    Have you got prospective clients or existing end users who could use the benefits of ConnectIT-Workflow? We’d certainly like to hear from you! Contact us about Hilltops IT’s Reseller Program now! Or call 0844 357 7360.

    We look forward to working with you!

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